Volunteer your time
for your neighbours in need

〜Promoting a supportive and transparent community in times of crisis 〜

Promoting a safe and reliable community
with verified support during a time of crisis



In order to assist those who are affected by
the new coronavirus Covid-19,
Anytimes introduces volunteers
who can provide support and time free of charge
in the following special feature that promotes kindness and mutual help within the community.


The Anytimes Community is growing every day!

Number of tickets published on Anytimes
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Volunteer Supporter
Feature Page Creation
※please view the special feature by scrolling down further
※introduction of volunteer tickets priced at 0 yen
Click here if you are interested in volunteering >>
Dedicated Site Introducing Volunteer Tickets

A special site is setup and dedicated to featuring 0 yen tickets published by volunteer supporters.

1. If you are not yet a user of Anytimes, please register (no fee)
2. Create a 0 yen service ticket, title the ticket in the following format: [Station name / Online] Ticket Title #volunteerhelp or #相互扶助ボランティア
3. Every day we update and feature tickets featuring the hashtag #volunteerhelp or #相互扶助ボランティア (Editorial features are determined case by case by Anytimes)

#volunteerhelp examples:
・Online learning support/tutoring for school children
・Online Yoga Lesson
・Language lesson online
・Business issue consultation
・Proxy buy groceries for neighbours (focused on elderly or people with disadvantages)

see details here >>


Please adhere to the rules & policies set forth by government instituations regarding social distancing and Coronavirus Covid-19 prevention. Please try to provide online type services or services that doesn’t require face to face interactions. Please take precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Thank you for all your cooperation.

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Recently completed volunteer tickets

Volunteer Tickets

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How to use ANYTIMES

By publishing a service ticket, you can easily market your skills
By purchasing your service, other users can enjoy your service.
Users who wants service
(Service purchaser)
Users who want to efficiently use their free time
(Service Provider)
Selling Service

Publish your service, sell your expertise.

Send purchase request

Once you found a service you like, click the “purchase request” button

Accept Purchase Request

The purchase is confirmed by accepting purchase request
It is possible to negotiate the amount of money before settling payment and for the service seller to change the amount.

Advance payment of service charge

Buyer prepays service charges and proceeds to transactions.

Provide Service

Implements service

Complete transaction・Receive payment

After completing the service, you must review each other to fully complete the transaction.
Only after that can service providers receive their compensation.

Publish a “request ticket” if you are looking to solve specific issues
On the other hand, supporters who are interested in the task will apply to complete this request.
Requesters who have issues needed solving
(Request publisher)
Supporters who want to effectively use their free time to get extra income
(Request applicant)
Issue request

Issue a request to solve a problem

Apply for request ticket

If you find a request ticket that you can help with, please apply for it.

Accept application/Prepayment

Accept request application.
Advance to transaction by completing prepayment.

Provide service

Chosen applicant provides actual service to the requester.

Complete transaction・receive compensation

After service completion, evaluate each other to complete the transaction.
Only after that can the chosen applicant receive compensation.

Safe & Trusted Service

Content monitoring
Content monitoring

Anytimes administrative office will be constantly monitoring for inappropriate messages and contents from fellow users. If you have a problem with another user or a ticket, please notify Anytimes admin office immediately, we will ensure the matter will be dealt with appropriately.

Review each other
Review each other

When a task is completed, users leaves reviews for each other (both Supporters and Requesters). The 3-part review will remain available to public eyes on profile so as to help other users make decisions on whether to hire or not.

ID Verification
ID Verification

Submit a form of ID (license, insurance certificate, passport, etc.) and receive an ID verified mark. This system helps to confirm the reliability of the user at a glance.

Safe and reliable transactions